Application Maintenance and Support includes the skills and requirements for supporting application systems. Software maintenance is essentially technical insurance, and it's required for at least the first year of deployment for on-premise systems. Application Maintenance and Support also applies to applications running in a production environment.


We offer a variety of maintenance contracts to fit a variety of pricing and service-level needs. 


Free major upgrades

  •  Technical Support (licensing & installation,product help,bugs and other technical problems,suggestions and feature requests)
  • Immediate hot-fixes or interim solutions for software problems (you can expect our Technical Support to provide a hot fix. You don't have to wait for the next regular maintenance update.)
  • Periodic maintenance updates
  • Maintenance benefits and services are automatically included in monthly fees for SaaS/hosted systems.
  • Support requests are logged and remain open in our support queue until the issue has been resolved. Requests are routed to the appropriate Software personnel required for resolution (such as project manager, project engineer, or IT staff).